Dissent 133 was established in the heart of the South Downs in Sussex, UK. On average, rain falls on 133 days of the year, and so we develop and produce adverse weather equipment that enables devoted riders like you to make the most of your riding. Through an expansive network of riders, including an Open Development Team aiming to highlight the requirements of performance cyclists of all disciplines, we seek innovation in all areas that will allow you to ride further, faster and have more satisfaction on your bike.

133 days of rain a year. We know you want to ride them. So do we. 

The Challenge

To ride a bike no matter the conditions. That is the challenge. Feeling the freedom of weightlessness; brakes open; one finger on the levers; head tucked; keeping focused on what lies ahead; always focused – there is no time to be second guessing your kit selection. Cycling is a battle between rider, machine and the conditions. Dissent 133 embodies this triad in search for prefect harmony between each challenge. Numb hands cannot be a part of this. We ride no matter the conditions, in a quest for the most desirable feeling yearned for by a cyclist. To Ride.

The Focus

Dissent 133 tells the story of how we all approach our riding. Shaped by the elements, the 133 days of rain on the Sussex coastline has brought us to consider where and how we ride - all with one focus in mind; to create adverse weather equipment. Born from one glove with three complimentary systems, Dissent 133 is the choice for adverse riding conditions. You approach every ride differently, while Dissent 133 perfectly matches your needs.

The Plan

All rides start with a plan. However, some plans are not to be. Dissent 133 believes that being caught out by a downpour, snow-storm or frigid temperatures does not mean that alterations are to be made. Setting out to create equipment perfectly suited for your ride brings the most innovative technologies to cycling apparel to make all plans possible. You decide how long and far, then set out. The choice in Dissent 133 equipment is a part of this plan.

See what it is all about by following the link: www.dissent133.com