Graduate & Leadership Development Scheme

Would you like a job supporting the development and distribution of cycling products and helping devoted riders?

Hunt Staff posing with their bikes

We are a fast growing young business and regularly looking for motivated people to join us. Innovation and passion in everything we do at The Rider Firm is essential to ensure we provide great products for as many devoted riders as possible.

As a company, we strongly advocate for equal opportunities and greater representation. We would very much encourage women, black & ethnic minority candidates, people with disabilities, people who identify as LGBT+, and anyone from any background to please apply for roles here at The Rider Firm.


The Rider Firm was founded by brothers Peter and Tom Marchment, who wanted to create the best place for cyclists to get inner tubes for their bicycles, regardless of what size or type they were after. The venture was called InnerTubeShop and it all started in Peter's garage. This was the the first of The Rider Firm's cycling devoted businesses. Now, after only 8 years, our team has grown to 50+ employees across the UK & USA and we've become the world's leading direct to consumer wheel brand with HUNT.

We are developing industry leading technologies in house, not only for HUNT, but also for our two incredibly innovative bike brands - Cairn Cycles & Privateer Bikes, which are also seeing rapid growth in their first year of existence.

Why do we have a Graduate Scheme?

There are many other innovations and projects we have in store and we'd love you to be part of them. We strongly believe in the creative thinking of passionate graduates and the great ideas that they can come up with. Our small, but rapidly developing company is the perfect place for personal growth and has proven to be a rapid learning curve for everyone here and we think it will be the same for everyone else who joins.

If you have a passion for the sport of cycling and want to be more involved, this is an unmissable opportunity, as we are one of the only companies in the cycling industry who offer a graduate scheme.

This unique opportunity provides the chance to join our team and work in many areas of the business over the course of the 2-year scheme. We strongly believe that learning multiple aspects of the business will aid in your personal and professional development.

Our first intake of Graduates

We launched the scheme in April 2021 and welcomed our first intake of graduates: Caitlin and Niamh (affectionately known as ‘The Grads’). Caitlin had decided to pursue a career in the cycling industry after finding a love for competitive cycling and Strava QOM-hunting during her time at Swansea University studying Sports Materials.  Niamh found cycling through a love of the outdoors and sleeping in bushes, using her bike as a tool to explore. After studying at Cambridge University, she wanted to apply her Chemical Engineering degree to bikes over pipes, and both Grads saw the scheme as a fantastic opportunity within The Rider Firm.

Hunt Graduates, Niamh and Caitlin

Their introduction to the company took the form of a stint in our Customer Service team, where they gained an appreciation of our dedication to serving the rider in all we do. This also gave them the opportunity to get to know our products inside-out, using this information to produce resources for training future team-members.

After Customer Service, Niamh and Caitlin have spent (and will continue to spend!) time in a wealth of other teams, including:

  • Supply Chain
  • Supporting Team Innovation and Growth (Our STIG team)
  • E-Commerce
  • Product Development
  • Finance
  • Engineering (Bike and wheel)

Each rotation brought new challenges and opportunities for development and growth. Caitlin has completed training in Google Analytics and employed these skills to revolutionise the way we interact with our customers on web platforms. In the meantime, Niamh worked with our Tech team to develop and implement an online portal to facilitate, log and resolve Technical Support Requests from our riders, across Privateer and Cairn. All this and more in just their first year.

Other recent Graduates

Meet Stan. When he first joined The Rider Firm, he had just taken his last exams at university and was eager to start his career in the cycling industry. He applied for a position we then had as Customer Service & Dispatch and did this for the first few months when we were only 12 people.

After showing interest in getting involved in other areas of the business, Stan became increasingly involved in our operations and e-commerce systems, and after 4 years in the The Rider Firm, he has settled into his role as Systems Manager - Operations & E-Commerce, and one of the faces of STIG. He makes sure our processes are efficient and tailored to our customers' needs.

Another graduate who have joined us is Chris. Аs a newly qualified Mechanical Engineer he began his career in the Machine Tool manufacturing industry but, knowing that one of the most rewarding parts of working life is applying your skills in a sector you have a passion for, he speculatively applied to HUNT in search of a Engineering role.

Two years on as Development Engineer under Head Engineer Luisa Grappone he couldn’t have imagined receiving such a varied and immersive introduction to real world engineering so early on in his career.

Beginning with a key focus on using Computational Fluid Dynamic analysis he is now implementing these techniques in the development process of aerodynamic rim profiles. But that’s not all, the varied and fast paced nature at HUNT has meant within 12 months he had designed his first MTB product (using FEA techniques), attended two wind tunnel test days and visited the UK’s leading cycling media outlets as well as Eurobike to promote HUNT’s work.

The Rider Firm Graduate & Leadership Development Scheme - A Unique Entry Into The Cycling Industry

We are a growing business and members of our team experience great opportunities to take the initiative, gain experience and excel whilst adapting to new challenges.

Caitlin and Niamh joined The Rider Firm with limited working experience after their ‘COVID’ graduations. We believe that their enthusiasm will push them to develop in their roles and become invaluable assets to our business. We have found that dipping your toes in and working with all different parts of the business is crucial to helping you perform at your best.

After having discovered and performed the daily tasks of pretty much everyone in the business over the 2-year scheme, you will have the chance to follow your own path and further develop into a specific role which fits both yourself and the business as a whole.

Key skill areas of our business which we are often looking to recruit for include:

  • Product design
  • Marketing
  • E-Commerce
  • Operations & purchasing
  • Finance
  • Customer service
  • Legal
  • Management & leadership

We consider ourselves a family, and outside of the working hours, our family of riders goes on all kinds of rides, whether it's Summer or Winter!

Turnbar Tuesdays are our regular mountain bike rides that often visit little mountain bike havens like Surrey Hills, Whiteways, Redlands, Friston Forrest or Stanmer Park. Both Caitlin and Niamh had zero experience in the MTB side of things – but with a little support and a nudge in the right direction, Niamh has fully assimilated, and Caitlin still prefers the lycra life.

We also have Flarebar Thursdays: the gravel ride that is muddy fun for all, tackling the local bridleways, and stopping for more-than-occasional helping of Nachos.

The Rider Firm staff bike trip
The Rider Firm bike crew

You'll also have the chance to go to represent the brands at a range of events, from supporting our athletes to industry shows, where you can see the latest and greatest.

Hunt Bike Wheels at a tradeshow

We'd love to hear from you if you:

  • Are ready to work together across our whole Rider Firm team – helping each other out is essential!
  • Are someone who will work within the Rider Firm Values.
  • Have a minimum 2:1 degree 

We like to find better ways to work together.

We know that a motivated, satisfied and bike focused team is the key to creating the best products for devoted riders. TheRiderFirm team member benefits can include:

  • A welcoming, open, innovative and ideas driven environment.
  • Our cycle product design and marketing is fuelled by ideas and feedback from every team member.
  • Flexible and tailored working hours, including support for riding, racing and family requirements.
  • Group rides.
  • Our location = Great work/riding/life balance with countryside, lanes, the South Downs, Brighton & Horsham Towns all close by.
  • Team members are entitled to a set of HUNT wheels, branded merch, the coveted Rab jacket, and an annual £200 kit allowance.
  • Significant annual bonus (20% of salary in 2021).

How to Apply

Deadline: 30th June 2022

Please email your CV (maximum 2 pages) to Careers@TheRiderFirm.CC

To help us find the best match between you and any potential roles here at HUNT | The Rider Firm it is important to please include in the email/CV:

  • Graduate & Leadership Development Role in your email subject line
  • Your expected salary range
  • If applicable, current salary
  • Your address and phone number.
  • Grades for any qualifications such as GCSE/O-level/A-Level/Degree.
  • Relevant professional experience.
  • And of course we are bike geeks so want to hear about your love of riding and all things bike! Please tell us about your riding; how long have you been riding, what type of riding do you do, which bikes you own, what events you have done/are planning to do, how you feel about riding.

Our Values


Serving riders is how we will succeed (if not we will cease to exist). Being a supportive family of riders is essential for us to achieve this.


We show true decency to each other. We work towards the best future for riders and people inside and outside of The Rider Firm.


We are riders with incredible ambition and talents. The potential of an idea and how well it serves riders is what matters – a well sustained company with a long-term view will be the outcome.


We are restlessly innovative. We only make a product if it’s better than our competitors. We are able to act fast. We learn on small test-runs while understanding the big potential and build for a sustainable business. We know that waiting for perfection can stop us getting better.

Invest Respectfully

We are spending the riders' hard-earned money.

We Are Grateful

To riders, each other, industry partners & the wider community. Pay it forward.